Love Lesson 1 | Keep it Secret

“Make Your Love Life Private and Your Happiness Public”

The first and most important love lesson is to make your love life private and never share your personal things with anyone no matter the person is your best friend. Your friends and close persons on whom you believe and trust blindly sometimes they wish and try to break your relationship for their own selfish purposes. So always remember, Make your personal things Such as dates, meetings, personal conversation and chats private between you two and never share it with anyone.
Sometimes it is hard to find that the person who are very close to you is in your favor or he/she is quite jealous with your relationship. For example, a girl and a boy is in love relation and their common friend who is a girl secretly likes the boy and obviously she gets jealous and would try to break their relation because she wants the boy. It is called a ‘Love triangle’.
Especially in long distance relationships it is important that both the partners should keep their private things secret from all their friends and classmates or roommates.
In manner of all above things the most important fact is that how much you trust your partner. You should trust your partner more than other persons, it makes your relation more durable and strong. Trust your love and remember one thing that if your love is true then your partner never cheat you, and if your partner cheats you then your love would not be true.
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