Love Lesson 3 | Differences doesn’t matter in Love

I am Sure that you have ever heard about ‘Blind love’. Here I am not talking about those blind love which accepts all faults of your beloved, but I am talking about those love which accepts your beloved person despite the differences between you two. And this differences makes your love relation different from others and become an idol relationship.

True love is not based on demand or need, it is just an instinctive feeling for someone which automatically arise in you and make you to fall in love. True Love does not consider any kind of differences Such as caste, religion, age, color, height, language, financial status and style of life etc. In every strong relationship, differences doesn’t matter only unconditional love between them matters. If you never felt true feeling of love then you can’t understand this because love is not a job that you do for do, Love is a natural emotion or feeling which attach you strongly with someone.

“Accepting your beloved’s differences makes your love different from an attraction”

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