Love Lesson 5 | Spend time together and Apart

Life has become so busy these days. With all the distractions like work, meetings, family commitments, friends, fitness and so on, there are hardly enough hours left in a day for spending time with your partner. People find themselves complaining about how they don’t have time for themselves let alone spending time with their partner.  This is the reason behind most unhappy relationships. Research has shown that one of the major reasons that most relationships fail is because couples do not give importance to spending enough time together. We must realize that spending quality time with our love-one is like saving money for a rainy day. 

Spending time together

So if you want to avoid that happening, try! Try spending time with your partner as much as you can; at least spend 15-20 minutes alone together. Most couples complain they have time or they need time for themselves (“personal space”, as they call it). But what you must realize is that your partner is your own personal space, your world, so they would be more likely to make you feel better than loneliness would. If you feel you have many problems to deal with, so does your partner. If you need a break from the world, they do too. And both of you can together make it happen.

Although that I can understand too that in a Long distance relationship, it is not possible to spend quality time with your partner. So in our next post we will discuss about how you can virtually spend some quality time with your partner.

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